Window-Washers Dress as Comic Book Heroes to Surprise Patients at Children’s Hospital

Melissa Knowles

Celebrities visit hospitals from time to time to cheer up the patients. In fact, they're fond of paying visits to children's hospitals in particular, to lift the spirits of the kids being treated. A fictional kind of celebrity visited a local children's hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and it has the Web talking.

Employees of American Skyline, a commercial window-cleaning business, had the ingenious idea of dressing as comic book heroes while doing their jobs at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. Jordan Emerson, Steve Oszaniec, and Danny Oszaniec dressed as Spider-Man and Captain America, then secured their harnesses and began repelling down the sides of the building as they cleaned the windows.

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As word spread around the hospital, patients and their parents gathered by the windows to watch the superheroes in action. The children and their parents and caregivers had looks of pure delight and big smiles as they snapped photos with their cameras and phones.

There have been other instances of superheroes showing up to visit kids at hospitals. On Monday, another group of window washers, this time in Pittsburgh, pulled a copycat move. They also dressed as superheroes as they performed their window-washing duties. One of the men spoke on why the workers went out of their way to make the kids smile: "This isn't about us. This is about them." The man said that he would do it again, and it may in fact become an annual event to surprise the patients.

Last spring, a man dressed as Batman rolled up in an all-black Lamborghini to Maryland-area hospitals to greet the children and lift their spirits. The man became infamous when a picture of him being pulled over and questioned by police while dressed head to toe as Batman went viral. He was revealed to be a Baltimore businessman intent on uplifting the spirits of sick children.

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