Why you don’t judge books by their covers

Henry Baker
Why you don’t judge books by their covers

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Andrew Hales are well-known Internet pranksters. But in a recent YouTube video, the pair decided to take their content in a different direction. While looking for comedic inspiration in Boca Raton, Florida, the two came upon a homeless man named Martin panhandling in a road median. Vitaly approaches Martin and asks him if he needs work, to which Martin replies, "Yes, I need work." Vitaly then tells Martin it's his lucky day and proceeds to deliver an experience he won't ever forget.

Soon Martin is being treated to new clothes and shoes, a motel room and hot shower, and a spiffy haircut, all en route to a feast at Texas de Brazil steakhouse. Throughout the video Martin repeatedly expresses gratitude and disbelief over the kindness he's been shown. Truth be told, it's kind of a tearjerker.

What struck me while watching the video, though, was how both Vitaly and Martin were affected by society's propensity to make presumptions about people. In watching all of Vitaly's hijinks on his YouTube page, your first impression of him likely isn't as a thoughtful or considerate person, but rather an irreverent joker. And when laying eyes on Martin, or anyone living on the street for that matter, most of us certainly don't think to ourselves: "I'll bet this person is a skilled craftsmen capable of a positive contribution to a workforce." But as we see in the video, Martin explains he can lay tile, marble, and carpet; do light electrical work; and is even a mechanic.

Hopefully, one of the 2 million-plus people who have viewed the video so far can offer work to a guy like Martin and help him get back on his feet. And, hopefully all of them will try not to judge books by their covers.

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