Why Are These People So Happy About Getting A 'Parking Ticket?'

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An English comedian is spreading a little cheer and a few dollars across the pond in a new skit that he uploaded online.

Sam Pepper is no stranger to viral videos. His YouTube account has more than 1.6 million subscribers. Pepper's most popular upload racked up north of 8 million views. And his latest post, "Parking Tickets That Make You Smile Prank," is already gaining popularity since Friday's posting.

The clip was filmed in Los Angeles. For the prank, Pepper is dressed as an officer in charge of parking enforcement. He scurries to cars with people in or near them and drops an envelope on their window. The person almost immediately objects, and Pepper responds by alleging what parking code they violated. He claims some parked in an illegal spot, while others let their meter run out.

Of course the mood of those targeted is immediately altered for the worse. But their mood quickly changes as soon as they open the envelope Pepper left them. Inside, the prankster enclosed money along with a note that reads "Have a nice day!"

 The prank has over a million views. Pepper, who spoke with us via telephone, said he is most happy with the ratio of likes-to-dislikes. There are 84,000 likes compared to a mere 500 dislikes.

“It’s hard to think up a prank idea which is completely harmless,” Pepper said. “When you watch something, you don’t want to see someone suffer or being sad. You want to completely 100 percent be able to smile or laugh at that prank.”

Viewers of the video have been quick to point out that perhaps the woman in the Land Rover and the man in the BMW did not need the money. Pepper’s focus with this project was not the actual gift though.

“The money was just to make to complete reverse of what a parking ticket is,” explained Pepper. He included a $10 bill in each envelope. “That was kind of a joke of the thing.”

Pepper notes he is just trying to make people happy, and hoping that others pay that sentiment forward. But the comments about donating money to people that need it was not lost on him. Pepper reveals that those thoughts have inspired his next “prank,” which he admits will be both more difficult to film and require more money. He hopes to commence shooting when he returns to Los Angeles on February 15.