White House Holiday Decorations Surveyed by Unusual Inspector

Melissa Knowles
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For many of us, the holidays are in full force. Everywhere you go is decked out with holiday decorations and playing holiday music. The White House is no exception. There is perhaps no other place in America with such lavish decorations. More than 90,000 visitors flock to the White House during the holiday season, and plenty of planning goes into making it look its best.

This year, there's a video on the Web showing someone looking over all the White House finery to make sure everything is in its proper place. The surprise decorations inspector is none other than the first family's beloved dog, Bo Obama.

The video is set to the Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from "The Nutcracker." Bo Obama casually walks the floors of the White House, keeping a keen eye on the traditionally decorated rooms. Included in the holiday decor is a tribute to American soldiers and their families, plus 54 trees and even a larger-than-life model of Bo himself. Bo takes a seat right in front of his likeness, and the resemblance is uncanny.

The video of Bo's inspection, uploaded to YouTube, already has more than 165,000 views. For the most part, commenters are getting a kick out of the canine companion. Some are calling the video adorable and others are imagining how cool it would be to be a White House dog. A couple of people are also crediting Bo with helping them to get into the holiday spirit.

Let's hope the decorations met the first dog's expectations. If you'd like to see more of the fancy decor, visit www.whitehouse.gov.

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