Weird Al Wows the Web With Two New Songs

Ko Im
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He's not just weird — he's tacky, too.

Weird Al 's new album "Mandatory Fun" dropped Tuesday, and he's already spoofed Pharrell Williams twice. He started #8videos8days. The first quickly went viral as a parody replacing "Happy" with "Tacky." Actor Jack Black and actress Aisha Tyler make cameos singing falsetto about all things socially silly, like Instagram pictures of food and YOLO-ing.

On day two, the musician known for his colorful, lyrical caricatures turns Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" into a grammar lesson with his song "Word Crimes."

The album has already reached the iTunes top 10 list.

Stay tuned — Yahoo Screen will premiere an exclusive "Weird Al" parody on Thursday.

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