Watch These Field Reporters Deal With the Unexpected

Ralphie Aversa
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If you are compiling a montage of 2014's best news bloopers, here are two nominees for the final cut.

The first comes courtesy of KTLA in Los Angeles. Reporter Courtney Friel was on the scene of a brushfire in Rancho Cucamonga. As she was interviewing a person off camera, a man without a shirt approached her. Friel asked the bystander if he lived around the area. The man answered her but also had an inquiry of his own.

"Yeah," he responded before asking, "Wow, you're super pretty. Wanna go on a date sometime?"

Friel quickly informed the man that they were on live TV. He simply replied, "Awesome."

Undeterred, the reporter actually continued to question the man. She finally moved on when he told her that he thought the brushfire was "pretty cool."

Friel clearly did not give much thought to the man's proposal, but her producers definitely took notice. Unlike most bloopers, which are uploaded by TV viewers, KTLA actually put this on its own YouTube channel Wednesday. It already has more than a half-million views.

Another local news gaffe was published Wednesday, although it came from Philip Sasser, who was watching TV. Ricki Vann is a reporter for WEAR TV in Pensacola, Florida. Vann was covering flooding in the area and issued a warning to viewers.

"Stay off the roads. It's better inside, and not driving," Vann said. "You don't know what you're going to run in to."

Little did the reporter realize that as she uttered those words, a man on a tall, circus-style bike rode in to the camera's view. Vann tossed it back to the studio, and when the anchor returned to her, the cyclist only became more visible.

"Cars parked in the middle of the road — we're seeing it right here all over," Vann said. "Dodge those cars in the road, absolutely."