Watch as Adorable Seals Get Their Bellies Rubbed

Ralphie Aversa
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Watch as Adorable Seals Get Their Bellies Rubbed

The friendliness of seals is on display for all to see thanks to scuba diver Jason Neilus and underwater GoPro cameras. About five months ago, Neilus uploaded a video titled "Seal of Approval" to his Vimeo channel. Scored to the upbeat tune of Imagine Dragons' "On Top of the World," the clip shows the U.K.-based videographer and Sovereign Divers visiting the Farne Islands in Northumberland, England. There, they find some of the sweetest marine mammals in the world.

"We've been visiting here for the last six years to say hello to the seal pups and we've never had this much interaction before — they were everywhere and all over us!" the diver wrote in the video's description. "After a nightmare drive there with the worst traffic coupled with the imminent arrival of the St. Jude's storm we didn't think this trip was going to be worth the effort but once again the seals made every second worthwhile."

The seals are not shy at all, swimming right up to both the divers and their encameras. The video peaks in adorableness any time a mammal allows one of the divers to pet it. Apparently, just like puppies, seals love to have their bellies rubbed.

"The seals are wild animals and approach the divers entirely by their own choice," Neilus noted. "No seals are forced to interact or forced to stay. No seals are harmed by diver interaction."

Neilus' original post has more than 1.5 million views. It is coming to light again just coming to light thanks to GoPro, which created a new edit of the footage for its YouTube channel. That video went live yesterday and already has over 166,000 views.