Watch a Swedish Student Finger-Snap Super Mario Bros. Theme

Ralphie Aversa
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It seems that lately when it comes to viral videos, a muse of the Internet has been the Super Mario Bros. franchise. The video game Mario Kart was given "real-life" treatment and mashed up with the Sochi Olympics. An animator created a spoof mixing the TV series "Seinfeld" with characters like Mario and Luigi. Last week, we highlighted a video about a college student who played the Super Mario Bros. theme song using a lot of wine glasses.

Swedish computer science and media technology student Emil Axelsson is now riding the Mario wave to Bowser's castle, or at least a lot of YouTube views. Axelsson published a video online Wednesday that showcases his finger-snapping skills. The Swedish student can snap his fingers and also mimic different tones with the action. Axelsson is so talented that the sounds he makes almost seem too precise to be coming from just his finger-snapping.

"This absolutely blows my mind," Rick Brose commented on the video. "I did not realize finger snapping had so much range."

"That was freaking amazing!" wrote Ray Anon on the YouTube post. "I am looking forward to more fingersnapped songs in the near future."

Impressive," Harrison Fine chimed in. "I'd like to know how long it took him to learn this."

As you might predict, a lot of people also commented, "Oh snap."

Viewers are already putting in requests for more finger-snapping renditions. Meanwhile in just a day, Axelsson's Mario Bros. theme has racked up more than 270,000 hits; almost as impressive as the talent itself.