Watch a Self-Taught Artist Draw an Incredibly Realistic Portrait of LeBron James

Henry Baker

Not everyone has the ability to draw in a photorealistic style, and it requires more than just the talent you're born with. It takes years of practice and a whole lot of patience. That's why the work of Heather Rooney is so amazing and also admirable.

In a recent YouTube video, she completes a painstaking drawing of LeBron James using only colored pencils. The 5-minute, time-lapse video undoubtedly translates into many hours of work in real time. In the end, the piece is hard to distinguish from a photograph.

The video has more than 697,300 views, and commenters are impressed, save for those NBA fans who happen to hate everything that LeBron James is even loosely associated with. One adoring commenter wrote, "I'm done. Lol i think I'm gonna resign from art. There is no way I could compete with this. Amazing!"

Luckily for us, this latest post is just one of about 160 videos from Rooney. For those looking to be wowed by more of her work, she has posted on YouTube a whole host of drawings of other celebrities and characters. And what's even more impressive? Rooney explains on her YouTube account that she's self-taught. Wow. You can check out more of her work on YouTube and Facebook.

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