Want Hand-Tossed Pizza? It's All in the Delivery

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Want Hand-Tossed Pizza? It's All in the Delivery

They've put a new spin on pizza delivery in England, but things could get a bit messy if it becomes a trend.

Thomas Oldbury walked past his window and noticed a pizza man parked outside. Usually this is a normal occurrence. But Oldbury saw that the pizza man had popped his trunk and a person three stories above was hanging out his window.

Thankfully for all of us, Oldbury broke out his camera and started recording. The video shows the delivery man tossing a pizza box up to the customer hanging out of his window. Oldbury and his friend were amazed, dropping a few explicit words in the process.

"I expected to film the pizza falling on the floor, but it ended up a perfect catch!" Oldbury told Storyful.

The customer then throws his payment down to the delivery man, who appears to be wearing a Domino's Pizza uniform. Another perfect catch is made, and the transaction is complete.

Oldbury titled the minute-long clip " Extreme Pizza Delivery." It has been viewed more than 866,000 times.

"The best part is how the delivery guy seemed so nonchalant about the whole thing," one YouTube user commented. "I wonder what would have happened if it came out of the box or he missed."

Thankfully, no pizza was harmed in this delivery.