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  • Toulouse: A motorcycle gunman opened fire Monday in front of a Jewish school in the French city, killing a rabbi, his two sons, and one other child.
  • Meghan McCain: The pundit and daughter of Senator John McCain appears, clothed, in Playboy magazine's April issue and sounds off about the elections, her pitch of NJ governor Chris Christie as a veep nominee, her support of same-sex marriage, and her love of men.
  • Kony: "Invisible Children" filmmaker Jason Russell, who created the viral "Kony 2012" video, was suffering from "extreme exhaustion and dehydration" when he was detained by police last week in San Diego, his wife said in a statement.
  • Langston Hughes Poetry: A Virginia high school English teacher is under investigation for allegedly asking the only black student in the class to read a poem in a "blacker" manner.
  • Manohar Aich: India's first Mr. Universe turns 100.
  • Tonga: In mourning over death of King George Tupou V.
  • Puerto Rico: Mitt Romney snagged that territory. Related searches: Resultados Primarias 2, Puerto Rico statehood.


  • San Juan Capistrano: The annual celebration marks the migration of cliff swallows from their winter home in Goya, Argentina, to San Juan Capistrano. The small birds typically can be seen locally in October, when they start their migration back to Argentina.



  • Kendall Marshall The University of North Carolina point guard fractured his right wrist during the Sunday win against Creighton in the NCAA tournament. The Tarheel will monitor his condition to see if he can play Friday's Sweet 16 game against Ohio.
  • Derek Fisher: The point guard confirmed Sunday that he reached a buyout agreement with the Houston Rockets.
  • Alex Smith: The 49ers free agent finished up a 5.5-hour meet with the Miami Dolphins, in search of quarterback.
  • Bristol Motor Speedway: Bristol power rankings here.
  • NCAA: Maddening, no? Related searches: NCAA Bracket, NCAA Brackets, NIT Bracket

• Georgetown 63 - 66 North Carolina State
• Michigan State 65 - 61 Saint Louis
• North Carolina 87 - 73 Creighton
• Florida 84 - 50 Norfolk State
• South Florida 56 - 62 Ohio
• Xavier 70 - 58 Lehigh
• Kansas 63 - 60 Purdue
• Florida State 56 - 62 Cincinnati


  • Walking Dead Finale Michonne: The season ended Sunday with the surprise introduction of a hooded, sword-wielding character who keeps two zombies in chains. Comic fans would probably recognize the character as the heroine Michonne, who will be played by actress Dania Gurira. Related searches: Walking Dead Michonne, The Walking Dead Finale, The Walking Dead Michonne, Walking Dead Finale, Michonne, Michonne Walking Dead. Also http://www.amctv.com/shows/talking-dead (fan live show). Read more about and actress .
  • Gallagher: The comedian is out of his coma.
  • Hunger Games: The movie, based on the young-adult fantasy series that involves 12-18 year olds hunting each other down for political repression and televised entertainment, opens this Friday. Check out the exclusive trailer.
  • 21 Jump Street: The favorably reviewed comedy starring Jonas Hill and Channing Tatum -- with cameo from original TV star Johnny Depp -- topped the weekend box office with its $35 million debut‎.
  • Prometheus: Director Ridley Scott released the sci-fi flick's 3D trailer at WonderCon 2012. The June 8 flick stars Guy Pearce, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Idris Elba.

Other buzzy premieres

  • Frozen Planet: A team of photographers and scientists spent four years braving brutal conditions for Discovery's new series, "Frozen Planet, which premiered Sunday night.
  • Dancing With The Stars: Monday kicks off season 14 featuring light/lead-footed Donald Driver, Gavin DeGraw, Gladys Knight, Jack Warner, Jaleel White, Martina Navratilova, Melissa Gilbert and Sherri Shepherd.
  • Punk'D Returns: The show returns March 29 with celeb hosts Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Hayden Panettiere and "Punk'd" alum Dax Shepard.

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