Viral Hit 'First Kiss' Parodied with Cute Animals

Ralphie Aversa
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Viral Hit 'First Kiss' Parodied with Cute Animals

On Monday, "First Kiss" took YouTube by storm. The video features 20 strangers kissing for the first time while a camera filmed them. It has 47.3 million views. Clothing company Wren Studio was behind the piece. ABC News reports that CEO and Founder Melissa Coker tapped a high school friend, Tatia Pilieva, to direct the video.

With the production becoming such a big hit, it comes as no surprise that someone already created a parody. Naturally, it involves puppies.

"First Sniff" hit the Internet on Wednesday. The YouTube channel Bosh uploaded the video of stranger dogs "kissing" for the first time. Like the original, the doggie parody is shot in black and white and scored with Soko's track "We Might be Dead By Tomorrow." The video is less than half as long as the human version.

When it comes to awkwardness, the video pales in comparison to its predecessor. Still, some puppies seem hesitant at first. But in no time, the dogs are kissing, licking, and sniffing as if no one is watching.

Viewers are voicing their approval. Cheyenne McFee commented, "This made me smile." Pachy C chimed in, "Best parody ever!" Thomas Planetrics simply added, "better than the original." The video has almost 1,400 likes, to a mere 35 dislikes.

U.K.-based Mother London produced the parody. While it is not near the view count of the original, "First Sniff" does have more than 267,000 hits.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" also jumped on the pet parody bandwagon. Fallon's version is called "First Lick" and features both dogs and cats. After airing last night, his video has more than 54,000 views in less than 12 hours.