Viner With Anti-Hater Spoons Shows Us How to 'Block Out the Haters'

Zain Meghji

Brandon Bowen, 16 years old, is a self-proclaimed "professional fatty" and "amateur Viner" from Tifton, Georgia.

He recently posted a vine with his unique approach to blocking out the haters.

Brandon got the idea to use the spoons from a fellow churchgoer, and in the video above he gives me a little lesson in hater blockin'. He says his secret to holding the spoons in place is duct tape, but I found that wedging a spoon in under my brow and then squinching my face works pretty well.

This young Southern gentleman puts forth a positive message, saying that blocking out the haters gives us one less negative thing to deal with, considering all that's going on in the world.

The video has encouraged a number of imitations:

Brandon has even posted a sequel of sorts to his original vine.

We had to do one of our own.

A follow-up video shows his love for minitacos, which even got its own remix.


He admits that he doesn't have a recipe for a minitaco; they come from a box. Someone hook this kid up.

As for follow-up ideas, Brandon tells me that he just leaves it up to his "ADHD mind." Let's see what he comes up with next.

In the meantime, keep on mmmmm... blocking out the haters.

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