Video of a Puppy Mill Rescue With a Happy Ending

Melissa Knowles

A new video titled, "Meet Billy, Rescued from a Puppy Mill," from the Humane Society could warm even the coldest of hearts. Adam Parascandola and other members of the Humane Society's animal rescue team travel to a puppy mill in North Carolina where it's obvious the dogs have been severely mistreated. The dogs are in cages clearly too small for them, and they are in poor physical and emotional health. Parascandola says, "All of the dogs that we get out of these rescue efforts want and need love and attention."

Parascandola takes notice of one dog in a particular, a frail Chihuahua. The lock on his cage is rusted shut. The dog may have been in the cage for years, and his lower jaw is basically missing. Parascandola and a Humane Society veterinarian pry the cage open and assess the dog's condition. He is found to be in such a terrible state that he's given a rating of one, the lowest on the Humane Society's scale.

However, the little Chihuahua's life changes dramatically after Parascandola adopts him and nurses him back to health. "He laid his head on my shoulder, and at that moment I felt responsible for him," Parascandola says. "And I felt responsible for making sure that he was never going to have to suffer like that again." The dog, now known as Billy, is doing well in his new home. The YouTube video of the rescue has racked up more than 180,000 views so far, and many commenters are praising the Humane Society's animal rescue efforts.

If you'd like to help the Humane Society, visit its Website for more information.

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