Video of Swan Attack Adapted Into 'Game of Thrones' Ad

Ralphie Aversa

An on-demand streaming service in the U.K. has altered a video of swans attacking a golfer and converted it into an ad for the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones."

Blinkbox, which offers users the ability to rent or buy movies and TV shows through various entertainment consoles, is offering a special for customers who buy Season 4 of "Game of Thrones." To promote the sale, the company's creative team turned to YouTube and found inspiration in a video uploaded this past February.

In the original clip (Warning: Profanity), which was published by YouTube user mally1640, the man filming and his friend, Stan, are golfing at Grimsby Golf Club in England. Stan is attempting to play his ball when two swans approach him. Hilarity ensues as the swans chase Stan away from the water, only allowing him to retreat back to the ball a minute later.

"I wish I had kept filming as he put his ball straight in the pond, then the swans went for him again over the bridge," YouTube user mally1640 wrote in the comments section. The video only had about 24,000 views as of Monday morning, but that was quickly growing thanks to Blinkbox's new advertisement.

In the Blinkbox version of the video, fire-breathing dragons replace the swans. Given that the original video was probably shot on a smartphone, the effects to insert the dragons are pretty convincing. Smoke even rises from the ground as the dragons move about shooting fire at their mark.

The Blinkbox ad, which was uploaded on June 17, already has more than six times the views of the original YouTube post.