Video of Puppies Learning to Walk Is a New High Bar for Web Cuteness

Henry Baker

There's not much the internet agrees on. In comment boards, arguments rage on everything from fashion to which season of 'The Simpsons' is best. The matter of the cuteness of puppies, though, does seem to be settled. People have dressed up their puppies, taped them playing, and made them into social media sensations. But nothing has really changed the game in terms of puppy cuteness in a while. That's where this compilation comes in. Done by FunnyBoBo, this compilation combines some of the most adorable little canines trying (usually unsuccessfully) to get on their own four legs for the first time ever. And it's magnificent. The video already has 220,000 views, and it's bound to get more. Soon enough, they will be running around like these guys:

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