Video of Dog Stuck in Coat Sleeve Goes Viral

Ralphie Aversa
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Video of Dog Stuck in Coat Sleeve Goes Viral

You walk into your mother's house, and her dog is stuck in the sleeve of a heavy winter coat. Do you immediately help him out or film the moment for your friends (and many others) to laugh at?

In the case of Matt Rundquist, he chose the latter when he stumbled upon his mom's dachshund, Traif.

"I rang the doorbell, which made Traif forget he was stuck in a coat and he began to bark his little head off!" Rundquist told Storyful.

Thanks to Rundquist's quick thinking, YouTube is graced with a 22-second clip of Traif bobbing up and down in the coat's sleeve. Another dog wags their tail in the background as the madness ensues.

The video ends right as the pet gets a little too close for comfort to the bottom step of the house's staircase. Poor Traif almost hit his head against the wood.

Commenters on YouTube find the clip hysterical. Joyce Donahue wrote, "Excuse me, your coat is barking!" Malorie Sponseller sarcastically opined, "Best guard dog ever!" The video just went online Sunday and already has more than 330,000 views.

Traif is not the first animal to find Internet fame stuck in a sleeve. In 2009, a 1-minute-21-second video of a cat became popular, gaining over half a million views. That cat was subjected to a bit of antagonizing, though, as the person behind the video dangled a shiny object in front of the feline's face. Unlike Traif, the kitten was able to see out of the sleeve and even reached a paw out to try to grab the object, to no avail.