Video Of A Bunny Eating Raspberries Has Over 6 Million Views

Ralphie Aversa
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It is a 33-second video. It was uploaded to YouTube on Friday. It already has 6.6 million views — and that number is rapidly climbing.

It is a video of a bunny eating raspberries. That's all.

Canadian country music radio station 92.9 The Bull usually posts videos of its DJs interviewing music stars or scenes from station events. However, the aforementioned video of a rabbit chowing down raspberries is a departure. Because of the fruit's red color and the way in which the bunny nibbles on it, the animal appears to be wearing red lipstick throughout the clip.

"If anyone knows who's bunny it is, let us know (sic)," the station posted on its Facebook page. "This was sent to us via an anonymous e-mail and we couldn't find it online anywhere! We'll be happy to give credit where it's due."

While popular among viewers, the video elicited various opinions.

YouTube user "Melancholy" simply said, "the best video ever recorded." Meanwhile, user "austi2345" commented, "I find it odd (and funny) how this video has so many likes. We truly are a simple-minded species."

Regardless, "cute" and "adorable" are generously thrown around in the comments section. The video has about 40,000 likes, compared to 2,700 dislikes.

Ultimately, the radio station may have summed it up best with its two-sentence description of the video in the About section online: "There isn't much more to say," it wrote. "It looks like it's wearing lipstick."