Video of Kittens Playing Gets ’90s Video Game Makeover

Melissa Knowles
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I'm no gamer, but boy did I used to enjoy playing when I was younger. One of my favorite games, Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo, is now a classic, and it started the whole obsession with Mario and his comrades for me, but I was not the only one. The franchise developed, and one of the most popular games, Super Mario Smash Bros., developed a following, too. Now there's a new version, inspired by kittens, that has people talking: "Super Smash Kittens."

The original Nintendo version was a game where players controlled famous characters like Mario, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong in a free-for-all battle. "Super Smash Kittens," which uses postproduction animation in the style of the modern game, features three kittens — Ron, Abby, and Archie — wrestling and playing on a couch. Their play is accompanied by background music and sounds from the original Nintendo 64 game that made it famous.

"Super Smash Kittens" continues to accumulate fans, even though all people can do is watch and not actually participate. It was posted to Reddit and was recently picked up by various Internet and video game culture blogs. One blog suggested that this is new kitty version should be turned into a real game by Nintendo.

The person who posted the kitten-inspired video, "TyVerteLive," has been interacting with people who have left comments on the video. In response to one person's request for "more," TyVerteLive wrote, "tell your friends and maybe there will be." The video has been viewed almost 50,000 times on YouTube alone, and most people seemed thrilled with it — except dog lovers.

While most comments are from people who appear to love animals in general, there are those who think TyVerteLive should have used puppies instead, and think it could have made for a more entertaining video game. Nonetheless, "Super Smash Kittens" continues to grow in popularity, and something tells me we may be in store for more

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