Video of Hillary Clinton Dancing Goes Viral

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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When the head of the State Department needs to unwind, she knows how to work it out. Three months ago Hillary Clinton was seen dancing and having a beer in Colombia. When the Tumblr sensation 'Texts From Hillary' went viral earlier in the year, she became a social media star. (Is there anything cooler than the image of a sunglasses-wearing Clinton checking her BlackBerry on a military plane?)

A few days ago, Clinton danced with the chairwoman of a group of dairy farmers in Malawi. And now, while on a trip to South Africa, a new video of Clinton cutting a rug at a party has people talking. One Twitter user wrote, "Hillary Clinton gives me yet another reason to love her," while another tweeted, "Get it girl!"

What do you think of Clinton's moves? I say they are awesome. The shiny blue jacket is another story. Let us know on our Facebook page or by following us @YahooTrending.