Video of Failed Robbery Attempt Is Unintentionally Comical & Goes Viral

Melissa Knowles

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Video of a failed robbery attempt is going viral. An armed man walked into a bar and demanded money in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. Typically, bar patrons would freak out if someone walks in with a gun and tries to rob them. That is not what happened. Instead of doing exactly what the robber demanded, the patrons appear to ignore him and continue enjoying themselves. Obviously frustrated and flustered by the lack of attention, the robber then leans over the bar and demands a pack of cigarettes. When the bartender tells the failed robber to get out, the man turns around and walks out of the bar. But that is not the end of the story. The bar patrons follow the guy for a mile before finally catching up to him, and they turn him over to police. One person tweeted that the robbery was an "epic fail."

From one hard-to-believe story about a robbery to a story people think may be fabricated about America's 34th president.

A former consultant to the Pentagon told a British TV station that President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with aliens on three separate occasions in the 1950s. Timothy Good said Eisenhower was not the only person present at the meetings; there were FBI officials present, too. Good says the encounters took place at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico in 1954. While on the BBC2 show "Opinionated," Good said government officials thought the president was on vacation in Palm Springs, when Eisenhower was actually meeting with aliens. Good makes further claims that governments all over the world have ongoing contact with aliens. There is an interesting side story to Eisenhower's alleged meetings. Retired New Hampshire State Representative Henry McElroy Jr. taped an announcement he called his personal testimony regarding documents he saw while in office. McElroy says one of the documents was an official brief to Eisenhower. McElroy goes on to say that to the best of his memory the document informed the president of extraterrestrial beings in the United States of America and about the possibility of setting up meetings with them. Seemingly to put people at ease, McElroy clarifies that the aliens were not intending to do any harm to America then or any time in the near future. People on social media are not buying the extraterrestrials story. While some are calling it an "alien cover-up," one person sarcastically tweeted that someone should put in a call to "X-Files" agent Fox Mulder to do an investigation. One person tweeted that Good is "insane."