Video of Dog Rejecting Owner’s Affection Goes Viral

Melissa Knowles
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Video of Dog Rejecting Owner’s Affection Goes Viral

Earlier this week, we told you a story about how animals show affection. Most of the time, it's not that hard to get pets to express some sort of love and appreciation for all of the attention, food, water, and exercise you have given them. Sometimes, however, the animals just don't share the same feelings we possess for them, and they'd rather keep the relationship totally platonic.

So what should you do if your cat, dog, or salamander just is not that into you? If you're one YouTube member, you make a creative video about all the ways your dog has shut you down. In a video of a shiba inu affectionately known as Mari-Kun, we watch as the owner tries to kiss the dog and is rebuffed as Mari-Kun places its paw on the mouth of the owner. In another attempt to show affection to Mari-Kun, the owner leans in for a kiss, and the dog rings a bell every time he gets too close for comfort.

After being published last month on YouTube, the video of Mari-Kun and his owner have gotten well over 1.3 million views. One commenter seemed as angst-ridden as the man in the video, "Why? Why doesn't the doggie want to be kissed? I want to kiss the doggie." Another person showed appreciation for the dog's skills in blocking the owner's affection, writing, "Wow, that is the funniest slash smartest dog I have ever seen!"

As cute as the dog may be, looks like he's only interested in staying in the friends-only zone with his owner.

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