Video Depicts Record-Breaking, 24-Minute Drive Encircling Manhattan

Ralphie Aversa
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Video Depicts Record-Breaking, 24-Minute Drive Encircling Manhattan

A record was broken in Manhattan over the weekend for the fastest lap driven around the borough. No, the new time was not set by a cabdriver — at least the person behind the wheel wasn't in a cab.

Not much is known about the driver, and that's probably because he might have broken a law or three while completing the 26.5-mile lap in a mere 24 minutes. The route begins on the FDR Drive at 116th Street, moves downtown, goes over the Henry Hudson parkway, and then returns to 116th Street.

For a bit of perspective on just how ridiculous this record is, just traveling the stretch on the Hudson or FDR alone can take up to a half-hour. But as seen in the video, this driver makes a typical cabby seem tame.

Throughout the lap, the stock 2006 BMW Z4 is seen weaving through lanes, passing on the right-hand side, and cutting off unsuspecting drivers. While the roads were relatively empty, by no means were they deserted. At no point during the video can you hear how loud the engine was or if the driver used his horn, because the piece uploaded to YouTube was sped up and set to music.

You would be hard-pressed to believe someone could beat this time, but the fact that six red lights were involved will probably mean more attempts to best the time are in the borough's near future. The previous record, which used a different route, was set in 2010 at 26 minutes.