Video Captures Koi Fish in Malaysia Swimming in Unusual Pattern

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Koi fish are usually known for their beautiful colors, but not for their synchronized swimming skills. Well that's what a school of koi fish appear to be doing in this video shot by Teik Kooi Lee at the Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple in Penang Malaysia. Lee watched the fish swim in this unusual pattern for about 20 minutes back in March. He says they are all following a leader who decides which direction to go in. That’s pretty mesmerizing. During the video you can hear a bystander say “Never happened before. I don’t know why. Its like a miracle.“

Commenters on YouTube came up with their own assessment of the koi’s circling. One person thinks they are mating, another calls the pattern “schooling,” and one commenter even thought the fish might have known about a disaster coming their way.