Video of Blind Little Boy Taking His First Step Down a Curb Inspires the Web

Melissa Knowles

Never has a walk down the sidewalk been so inspiring. A new video of a blind little boy taking his first step down a curb by himself is touching the hearts of people on the Web.

Gavin Stevens was diagnosed with Leber congenital amaurosis, an inherited retinal degenerative disease, when he was only 4 months old. LCA causes severe vision loss. His parents were devastated by the diagnosis. They knew that they would have a tough road ahead and that Gavin's would be even tougher. They wanted to help Gavin establish his independence. In the video shot by his mom, Jennifer, Gavin is hesitant at first but listens to his mom and dad, who encourage him to take a walk off the curb and find his way on his own. Using his cane, Gavin feels his way around and gradually takes a step down.

Gavin squeals, "I can do it!" To which his mom says, "You can do it, baby. Go ahead."

Gavin is now 4 years old, and in the years that have passed since his diagnosis, his parents have established the Gavin R. Stevens Foundation to help raise awareness about the disease, caused by a genetic mutation, and to increase funding toward finding a cure. LCA is extremely rare, so rare in fact that there are only 150 cases in the United States.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube and later shared on Reddit. People who have seen the video on YouTube have called Gavin "incredibly brave." One person even wrote, "Way to go, Gavin! You're going to grow up to be an amazing young man, I just know it."

We sure hope that Gavin's courage raises awareness for LCA and help toward finding a cure.

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