Victims of Oklahoma Tornado Reunited with Lost Pets

Melissa Knowles
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Victims of Oklahoma Tornado Reunited with Lost Pets

The record-breaking tornado that touched down in the town of Moore, Oklahoma, on May 20 devastated the lives of countless people. The tornado destroyed thousands of homes and killed at least 24 people and many animals. Some animals survived but could not find their way back home because there was no home to return to.

A boy and his grandfather, who wish to remain anonymous, went searching for their two dogs, Dexter and Repo, who were separated from the family during the tornado. The pair's last stop on their search was the Central Oklahoma Humane Society. A video posted by the World Animal Awareness Society shows the boy and his grandfather looking at the pictures of lost animals on a bulletin board. Then, suddenly, the boy recognizes two of the dogs and identifies them as Dexter and Repo.

The boy and his grandfather then walk back to the kennels where the animals are. The boy spots one of his dogs, who is barking and all too eager to get out of the cage as he recognizes the boy. Once the cage is open, the little boy picks up the dog and takes him in his arms, as the dog affectionately licks and kisses him.

There are currently more than 250 pets still living in Oklahoma shelters waiting to go home. Families have until June 19 to retrieve their pets. After that date, the animals will be put up for adoption. Visit the Oklahoma Humane Society's website to see how you can help the animals left stranded after the tornado.

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