User-Submitted Video of Stingrays in the Wild

User-Submitted Video of Stingrays in the Wild

On Tuesday we featured a video shot under water off the coast of Western Australia with a GoPro camera. The clip shows seas of fish, crab, a stingray, and a dolphin all swimming by Scott Murray’s bait. The 5-minute video has been viewed over 1.5 million times.

Over on Trending Now’s Facebook page, Johnny Flynn posted some of his own GoPro underwater footage. The Ontario, Canada native uploaded a video shot in Stingray City, a part of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands known for its friendliness to both tourists and stingrays.

Flynn and other divers interact with a number of stingrays in the clip. The fish swim right up to the camera and the other humans below water. The stingrays even allow the divers to pet and even grab at their fins.

Stingray City is filled with areas like the one Flynn filmed in. In the video’s description, he notes that they were all 12 feet under water.

For the record, the video was uploaded in March and originally intended for Jimmy Kimmel. We’re not sure why, but we hope the Trending Now blog is a nice consolation prize. It’s almost as cool as joining Kimmel’s show after being eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars.”