Unbelievable Video of Cows Surviving Crash

Melissa Knowles

You may not believe your eyes when you watch the video. A dashboard camera in Russia captured an unbelievable accident involving a truck carrying cattle. The truck collides with a vehicle going the opposite direction. The impact forces the truck to suddenly make a hard turn and then flip onto its side.

The compartment containing at least a dozen cows empties onto the road, and they are tossed out violently. Remarkably, the cows, likely stunned by the collision, appear unscathed as they seem to get up one by one and start to walk away.

The video titled, "Truck full of Cows Crashed," is going viral, as it has been viewed more than 490,000 times on YouTube and counting. Many commenters are amazed by the video and the cows survival. Some feel really badly for the cows, with one person writing, "poor cows." Another person took time to come up with a clever pun, calling the video, "utterly amazing."

Not everyone who has seen the video believes that it's real, given how calmly the cattle seem to react to the violent nature of being tossed from the truck. If the video proves to be a hoax, it will likely be unveiled in a matter of days, similar to the eagle-snatching-kid video that went viral overnight, earlier in the week.

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If the video is indeed real, hopefully everyone, man and animal alike, were not hurt too badly.

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