Two Young Newscasters Warn People to 'Get Out of Canada' in Hilarious Fake Broadcast

Ko Im
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If you're following one newscast, "you must get out of Canada!"

In a fake but adorable broadcast of the so-called VCN breaking news, pint-sized presenters claim that the country is dangerous. This show, produced by the husband-and-wife team of Black Hat Media Utah, has been watched over 30,000 times. Nieces Libby, 7, and Sarah, 5, toss back and forth on "right now's news," reading without a prompter. The girls apparently got a green screen and wanted to play around with the technology.

Viewers on YouTube have found it hilarious, with one commenting, "Hope everyone got out of Canada ok."

But why the Canada bashing? you ask. A weather specialist came to Libby's school and left a big impression of the country on her.

Tornados aside, we're advised by these aspiring journalists not to leave anything behind in weather disasters — especially your fridge. Thanks for the tips, ladies! You have a great broadcasting future ahead of you — maybe not in Canada, though. #sorrynotsorry

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