Two-Year-Old Bedtime Bandit Video Goes Viral

Melissa Knowles

It's pretty safe to assume that many of us allow our imaginations to get the best of us about what may be going on in the dark when we're sleeping at night in our beds. Some of us have little ones who are still getting used to sleeping on their own and occasionally wander the halls in the middle of the night.

Well, a mother named Joann Moser wanted to know what her 2-year-old son was up to, so she set up a night-vision camera in the hallway to capture what she calls her "2 yr old Bedtime Bandit" in action. In the video, set to the classical tune "In the Hall of the Mountain King," Moser's son is seen leaving his own room and then trying to get into his 8-year-old sister's room. Her door is locked, so he has to figure out a way to get in.

He has come prepared with a tool, a fingernail clipper. He cleverly uses the clipper to manipulate the lock, and voilà! The door is unlocked. He walks to his room to get rid of the evidence and then heads back next door to his sister's room. As he leaves it, he is no longer empty-handed: He has acquired a pillow pet toy. He quietly closes the door and retreats to his room.

Moser's video has been viewed more than half a million times since it was first shared on YouTube on March 24. She said that she could not stop laughing when she first saw the footage. Her daughter had told her that her brother was sneaking into her room at night, taking her pillow pet, and the Mosers were skeptical at first. To find out what was going on, they set up the camera, and the rest is history.

One thing is a safe bet: This little boy may already have a profession picked out (no pun intended) before he even enters kindergarten -- locksmith.

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