Two-Legged Dog Garners Internet Fame With First Trip to the Beach

Ralphie Aversa
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You will be hard-pressed to let a typical Monday get you down after you watch the video of this two-legged dog enjoying his first trip to the beach.

"Duncan Lou Who" is gaining a new level of Internet fame following a clip uploaded on March 22 to YouTube. The video, which was filmed with a GoPro camera, showcases the two-legged pet scurrying across the sand and playing with other humans and dogs. Duncan looks like the happiest pup of the bunch. YouTube viewers are huge fans. One wrote, "Raddest little dude," while another thought, "This video broke my heart and then put it back together again." 

According to Panda Paws Rescue of Vancouver, Washington, Duncan is a 9-month-old Boxer "who was born abnormal." Due to a birth defect, his back legs were amputated. A custom wheelchair was built for the dog, but he did not like using it properly and the device ended up causing more stress on his body. The registered nonprofit rescue decided to simply let Duncan roam free, and he has been happy ever since.

Followers of Panda Paws Rescue have known about Duncan for some time, but the rest of the world is just becoming familiar with the inspirational dog after the video "Two Legged Boxer Duncan Lou Who - First Trip to the Beach" was posted, generating more than 1.7 million views. In the comments section, the organization clears up questions that people have about Duncan's situation.

"He is not a candidate for prosthetics because he doesn't have a femur to attach them to, and we will not use him for experiments to try and find something else to [sic] could do more harm than good," Panda Paws Rescue wrote. "He is lean, yes. He is a Boxer puppy who is missing almost a 1/4 of his body and uses twice the energy of a 4 legged dog. The rear half of his body has atrophied as well, from lack of use. He is on the best possible diet and his weight is monitored."

The team at the rescue works with veterinarians to monitor the dog's health. They note that their biggest concern with Duncan at the moment is his lack of external growth; they hope his internal organs are not outgrowing him.

Panda Paws Rescue notes that while Duncan is not available for adoption, the dog's story is still inspiring many who see the video.

"Proving once again you can't keep a good dog down!" wrote YouTube commenter James Lewis. "From one dog lover to another I'd like to thank you for being such an awesome person and giving this wonderful dog a great life!"