Twitter’s Role In the Debt Deal, Miley Cyrus’s Revealing Tweet, and a Reporter Shot in the Hand on Live TV

Adriana Diaz
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President Obama went on a Twitter tirade Friday when his social media team tweeted the names of every Republican Congress member with a Twitter account. It all started when the president himself tweeted, "The time for putting party first is over. If you want to see a bipartisan #compromise, let Congress know. Call. Email. Tweet. —BO." Then state by state, Obama's twitter account told its 9.3 million followers to ask their representatives to "#compromise" on the debt deal. Obama started at the top (literally) by writing, "Alaska voters: Tweet @lisamurkowski and ask her to compromise on a balanced deficit solution." More than 100 tweets and 16 hours later, @BarackObama had made his way through the continental U.S. and Hawaii to name every Republican Congress member on Twitter. Some members jokingly thanked the president for raising their Twitter numbers on "Follow Friday," the day of the week when people are encouraged to follow new Twitter accounts. The communications director for Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt tweeted, "Thanks @BarackObama for pushing @RoyBlunt over 11,000 followers today!" But not everyone took the tweets in stride. Obama lost 36,000 Twitter followers after the tweetfest, which many called "spam." One tweeter joked, "Dear @BarackObama. You think Monday you can ask your followers to spam the NBA owners to end the lockout?" But the White House may think it had the last laugh. White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer (aka @Pfeiffer44) told the New York Times media reporter Brien Stelter via Twitter that Obama's tweet-a-thon helped pressure Congress to reach a debt deal. Do you think @BarackObama spammed his followers? Tell us on Facebook!

Teen singer Miley Cyrus has joined the ranks of outspoken celebs like Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, and others who use Twitter as a soapbox. The 18-year-old singer (and daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus) tweeted her support for marriage equality to her nearly 2 million followers Friday. She tweeted "All LOVE is equal" followed by a picture of her new tattoo, which is an equal sign on her ring finger. Not all of her followers were happy about the tweet. A fan whose Twitter name is @MileyCyrusLuver wrote, "@MileyCyrus look up Leviticus, 1 Corinthians. Read both chapters and tell me where God says homosexuality, incest, and polygamy is ok?" After @MileyCyrusLuver got attacked by other fans, the singer came to her rescue by tweeting, "Dude everyone lay off @MileyCyrusLuver Love u! Everyone is entitled 2 opinions! 'if u don't stand 4 something you'll fall for anything.' :)"

Lastly, a Los Angeles TV reporter showed that nothing gets in the way when it comes to covering a story. When Leanna Suter was reporting live about the weather, she was shot in the hand by a BB gun. Though you don't see her reaction on air, KABC-TV viewers heard her say off camera, "Look at all the blood." Suter was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries while the two teens who allegedly fired the BB gun were arrested. Scores of local reporters wished Suter a speedy recovery on Twitter, including one journalist who tweeted an article about the incident and wrote "Occupational hazard. Sometimes, this is the kind of crap we have to deal with." As for Suter, she was back on the air after only one day.