A TwitPic Goes Viral, Lady Gaga’s Record-Breaking Popularity, Teacher of the ‘Dougie’ Dies

Adriana Diaz

Nowadays, if you're at the right place at the right time (with a smartphone in hand) you can create an Internet sensation. An above-the-clouds TwitPic of space shuttle Endeavour's liftoff, has launched New Jerseyan Stefanie Gordon into online fame. Gordon, who was en route from New York to Florida, snapped the photo from her airplane window and uploaded it to Twitter. The stunning pic has garnered 300,000 views on Twitter and was posted on more than 11,000 blogs on Tumblr. It seems people want to see what else Gordon will tweet. In less than 24 hours after she uploaded the Endeavour image, she gained more than 2,000 Twitter followers. But she's not the only one who captured the historic moment on camera. Hundreds of photos with the hashtag #NasaTweetup are on Twitter, and roughly a thousand photos of the launch are on Flickr.

Lady Gaga continues to push the envelope. The pop artist has become the first person in the world to hit 10 million followers on Twitter. She thanked her fans by tweeting,"10MillionMonsters! I'm speechless, we did it! Its an illness how I love you." Her social media achievement could not have come at a better time. Today is the launch of GagaVille, the social media game created by Lady Gaga and the makers of FarmVille, the hugely popular game on Facebook. GagaVille will feature songs from Lady Gaga's new album, "Born This Way." The singer's reign as sole ruler of the 10 million-and-over club won't last, however. Singer Justin Beiber is gaining ground on Gaga. He's expected to hit 10 million followers as early as today.

Messages of shock and sadness are swirling on Twitter after the death of M-Bone, a member of the group The Cali Swag District. The rapper, whose real name is Montae Talbert, was killed in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles this weekend. Thousands of fans and fellow rappers, like The Game and Twista, have tweeted their condolences. M-Bone is probably best known as the creator of the dance move the "dougie," seen in the music video for "Teach Me How To Dougie." The "dougie' was a YouTube sensation last year and has become a mainstream dance move. Dancers of the "dougie" have ranged from sports stars to supermodels. But the most prestigious person to do the move is first lady Michelle Obama, at a middle school event two weeks ago.

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