Tweeters Share Worst Date Stories, Woman’s Tweet Gets Her Booted from Restaurant, and Christine O’Donnell Walks Out of Piers Morgan Interview

Adriana Diaz

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After Englishman Rhodri Marsden tweeted about a bad date, he told Trending Now that he instantly received about 20 tweets from people sharing their cruddy date tales. That then set off a domino effect of hundreds of people tweeting Marsden their own dating horror stories. One man tweeted that he accidentally pushed his date down a staircase. A woman said her date took her to a parking lot to show her his motorbike. He revved it up for 10 minutes then did a lap and rode off. Another wrote, "met a bloke for what was supposed to be lunch. He told me he didn't like what I was wearing and said I should go home and change." One guy tweeted about a date where a woman brought 25 photos of poet Sylvia Plath's gravesite as a "conversation opener." After the bad date tweet-a-thon Marden gained 5,000 followers. In an email he told Trending Now, "with the role of social media, we're turning into  a generation of oversharers. People don't mind recounting things that in a previous age would have been considered deeply personal."  What's your worst dating story? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter and we'll post our favorites on the blog tomorrow.

But sometimes sharing too much on Twitter can get you in trouble. While dining at Houston restaurant the Down House, one woman tweeted about her bad experience at the bar. Within minutes the woman, named Allison Matsu, was kicked out. Turns out the restaurant had a Twitter feed of its own. Management saw saw Matsu's tweet calling the bartender a "twerp." Matsu says a manager then called the bar and chewed her out. She says the bartender then asked her to leave. She then tweeted, "I will never return to @DownHouseHTX as long as Forrest is the GM. How unbelievably unprofessional."The reaction on Twitter has been mostly negative. Tweeters say that instead of kicking Matsu out, they should have used the incident to show her good customer service. But the buzz may have helped the restaurant. One person tweeted, "The whole Twitter fiasco actually made me and my gf go check out @DownHouseHTX. Great place! Be back soon...with friends!"

Lastly, CNN's Piers Morgan and Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell are both trending today. That's after O'Donnell abruptly ended her interview with Morgan last night in the middle of the segment. O'Donnell was promoting her book "Troublemaker" but when Morgan repeatedly asked her about subjects like gay marriage and abstinence, O'Donnell kept giving the same answer: "it's in the book." After O'Donnell repeatedly did not answer questions she stopped the interview. Morgan said, "It would appear that the interview has just been ended." Just an hour before the interview would air, Morgan sent a flurry of tweets. One said it was his "first-ever walk-out in 25 years of interviews."