Try This New Trend: Reenacting Old Photos

Melissa Knowles
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Try This New Trend: Reenacting Old Photos

Ever heard the phrase 'The past is dead and gone?' It usually rings true, except when photography is still around to keep it alive. Now, a new trend has taken the web by storm that attempts to connect with the past using old photos. It has been called both 'reenacting old photos' and 'young me now me,' but it is definitely one thing-- hilarious.

The trend involves finding an old photo of oneself, perhaps as a baby, and doing all that is possible to reenact the photo. We are talking props, locations, even sometimes photo editing tools to make the picture look dated. The combination of a young child next to what is usually a much, much larger individual sheds light on just how much changes even in a matter of a decade or two.

Some examples include a girl who somehow found some boots that used to be oversized, as well as a dad feeding his son a beverage that is a little more adult than a bottle of milk. The pictures are gathered in many places, but credit can go to Ze Frank's blog for first popularizing the trend.

I might have to try it soon.

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