Trippy Video Morphs Woman’s Face Using Light

Melissa Knowles
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Makeup artists can virtually transform the shape of someone's face with the correct colors, contouring, and highlighting. However, it's not just the stroke of a well-designed makeup brush or sponge that helps apply the subtle changes. It's the lighting.

A new video from the electronic music group Opale shows the striking changes that can happen to shape of a face when only the lighting is changed.

In the somewhat trippy video, which is a teaser for the French group's upcoming album "Sparkles and Wine," filmmaker Nacho Guzman uses colored LED and string lights like those you might put on a Christmas tree or along on the side of a house. The colorful lights shift and move and make it seem as if the actress in the video, Stella Stocker, is having a metamorphosis in front of our very eyes.

Due to the lack of a substantial budget, Guzman actually enlisted the construction crew from the BBC show "Downton Abbey" to build a wooden wheel that held the lights. The video is a tribute to French filmmaker Henri-Georges Clouzot, who employed a similar technique in the film "L'Enfer."

Opale will release the full video as well as its album in May.

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