Trending Now On Location: Cat Videos are Taking Over the Web

Melissa Knowles
Trending Now

Trending Now is on location at the Interactive portion of SXSW in Austin, Texas. There is so much to see, and so many people and cats to meet. Yes, I said cats—but maybe there really is just the one. Grumpy Cat is in the house, and the line wraps around the block. People from all over the world have come not just to interact with eachother and network their tushies off, but to meet a cat that has taken the Web by storm. Grumpy isn't the only furry feline capturing the attention of the masses.

It seems as if you can barely surf the Net these days without coming across a cute cat video or picture. The feline persuasion seems to be in a league of its own when it comes to the level of intrigue. Whether it's Henri the cat, Boots and Cats or even Island Kitty, to name a few, everyone seems to have a favorite.

Somehow, over the last couple of years, cute cats, silly cats, musical cats, fashionable cats and even Grumpy Cat herself, have virtually taken over the world

So where does this fascination come from? Why are people so intrigued by cats? The Trending Now team chatted with the Internet Cat Video Festival's experts, Scott Stulen, Director of The Walker Art Center in Minnesota, and Katie Hill, who is the co-curator of the festival. They filled us in on all the inside info on the Internet's fascination with cats.

Loving cats is no longer just for so-called ‘crazy cat ladies,’ everybody can get in on the fun. It does not even matter if you consider yourself a dog-lover.

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