Trending Now Fans Show Us Their Best Costumes Following Cardboard Iron Man Story

Ralphie Aversa
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At the end of every Trending Now episode, we ask for your feedback or submissions regarding the story that we are covering. On Wednesday, one of our stories was about Kai-Xiang Xhong. The 20-year-old Taiwanese student takes cardboard boxes and transforms them into works of art. His latest piece was Tony Stark's Iron Man costume constructed completely from cardboard.

Xhong's work was well-received. Comments on our blog included, "Looks like someone has a future in the movie industry. This is how talent is found nowadays." Another reader wrote, "This guy is unbelievably talented." The project took the student a year to complete.

On our Facebook page, users submitted photos of costumes and sculptures they created, and we felt compelled to share a few.

Brian Nelson posted a photo of his homemade Optimus Prime costume. Nelson used cardboard, foam pool noodles, a baseball helmet, hockey gloves and duct tape. The costume's chest opened up to reveal that it was filled with candy. Once the costume was removed, the parts formed a nonmovable 18-wheeler.

Another DIY costume photo came courtesy of Fredy Dominguez. The California native is a professional sculptor and created a pumpkin-themed outfit for Halloween. Dominguez noted on Facebook that the pumpkin head could light up and that the costume was a big hit with his friends.

Last up is Kris Sigman, who submitted photos of costumes he made for his friend Carter, who uses a wheelchair.

"The past two years he has requested a different vehicle he wanted me to make that will cover his wheelchair," Sigman wrote alongside photos of his creations. Carter requested both Mater from the animated film "Cars" and the Batmobile. "Carter is one amazing kid. He has had such a hard life with countless surgeries since birth. Anything to make him happy I'll do it."

Thanks for reaching out — and don't forget you can always send us feedback or story ideas on Facebook and Twitter.