Trending Byte: Superheros on Social Media

Mia Fitzharris

A quick scroll through your Instagram timeline will reveal the food your friends are eating, the landscapes they are viewing, and the clothes they are wearing. Eventually, the photos become redundant and boring at best. You will begin to contemplate why you started following your friend who you don’t really like in the first place, and whether or not they’ll notice if you unfollow them. (Side note: it doesn’t matter; you’ve already concluded you don’t like them. Go ahead and turn that green button back to blue).

You might assume it would be far more interesting to follow super heroes on the social networks like Instagram. After all, Batman’s swag would look great with a Valencia filter. A Walden filter would really make the colors in Spiderman’s outfit pop.

Well, you’re not the only one pondering this. The fine folks at Comediva put together mock graphics showing the aforementioned fictional characters along with Superman and others using Instagram. Spidey’s selfie and Superman’s “#nofilter” on Earth are my personal favorites. Batman trash-talking Bane was funny, but he definitely shouldn’t be tipping off his enemies on social media. Check those privacy settings, Bruce.

There is no sample Captain America post, but surely he’s tending to other issues. Have you seen Congress’ approval rating lately?