Toddler Figures Out Shortcut to Block Game in Hilarious Video

Melissa Knowles
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Part of the joy of being a toddler is occupying your time with endless fun activities like playing in the sandbox, watching cartoons, and just generally enjoying a worry-free existence. But what happens when you're playing with a game and it's getting the best of you? Do you give up, or do you do what an enterprising youngster did in a new YouTube video, "Toddler gives up trying to figure out which hole the shape fits in," that people all across the Web are getting a kick out of?

You remember the shape-sorter game where you have to put a block with a certain shape through the proper cutout, right? The circular block fits only through the circle cutout; the triangular block fits only through the triangle cutout. Well, the little girl in this video is playing as her dad says in the background, "Where does the square go?" She struggles to put the block into the circular cutout, but to no avail. So instead of searching for the right cutout, she simply lifts the lid of the toy and tosses in the square block.

Now that she's figured out the shortcut, she knows exactly what to do with the remaining pieces. The video was posted by Toddletale, a YouTube channel that collects funny kids' videos and shares them with the world.

Several commenters applaud the little girl's skills, with one person admiringly writing, "sign of intelligence ... Why do it the hard way when you can do it the easy way?"

The Trending Now team could not agree more. Sure, it may not be the way the toy was designed to be played with, but hey, this little girl is still having fun, and bonus -- she's teaching herself how to solve problems, in her very own way.

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