Time-Lapse of Yucatan Becomes a Hit

Sarah Bernard

Thanks to the advent of inexpensive, high-definition camera equipment, aspiring filmmakers can create impressive time-lapse films a lot more easily than they used to. And social media can't get enough of them, whether they be montages of babies growing into preteens before our very eyes or views of the sun rising and setting over majestic vistas.

Spanish filmmaker and photographer Nicolas Gutierrez Wenhammer has become a master of the time-lapse genre. His latest video making a big splash is a stunning time-lapse of the Yucatan Peninsula. He has 25 time-lapse projects on Vimeo, with subjects ranging from passing cloudsfilmed from a plane to the hustle and bustle of his native Barcelona. A video called "The 360 Submarine" is an impressive underwater journey through a crowded pool that was shot with a 360-degree lens.

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