Time-Lapse Video Shows Woman Learning to Dance

David Matthews
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Time-Lapse Video Shows Woman Learning to Dance

The internet is littered with videos of people dancing. Whether it was the 'Dougie", the "Harlem Shake," or "Gagnam Style," if there was a big dance craze someone on the internet made a video of their interpretation of the dance. But how did these people learn to dance? How long did it take them to learn to dance? How long does it take to learn any new skill? There's no set answer to that, but it's well-accepted that the more you practice, the better you'll get. That's the basic concept behind a new viral video that's been viewed close to two million times in the last few days. In the time-lapse video "Girl Learns to Dance in a Year," Karen Cheng, a graphic designer at a San Francisco startup, documents how her dance skills improved over the course of a year. The video covers everything from her awkward, stilted first few weeks, her improvements after a few months, and culminates in a bravura public performance on a subway platform on Day 365.

On her blog where the video was first posted, Cheng says that people assume she's been dancing for years and she wanted to show how far practice and dedication will get you. "I practiced everywhere. At bus stops. In line at the grocery store. At work...you don't have to train hardcore for years to become a dancer. But you must be willing to practice and you better be hungry." She says she made this video to show that even if you don't know how to approach reaching your goals, the sooner you start trying to achieve your dreams, the faster you'll get there.

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