Thousands Plan to Boycott Spirit Airlines for Refusing to Refund Dying Vet’s Ticket

Mia Trovato
May 4, 2012

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Swarms of people are now furious with Spirit Airlines. Not because of fare hikes or baggage fees or the lack of leg room -- problems familiar to any flier -- but because of the airline's lack of heart. Jerry Meekins, a 76-year-old Vietnam veteran from Florida who is battling esophageal cancer, bought a $197 ticket to visit his daughter in New Jersey. Two weeks before his trip, his doctors told him his cancer was terminal, and that he should no longer fly. Meekins tried to get a refund from Spirit, but the airline refused, as Meekins had bought a nonrefundable ticket. Protesters are taking to a Facebook page called "Boycott Spirit Airlines," which has over 30,000 "likes" to voice their disgust. Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza tried to explain that a refund would have been issued had Meekins bought the $14 travelers insurance. Maybe so. But how do you put a price on this growing PR backlash? "Shame on you Spirit Airlines!" posted one angry Meekins supporter. Said another, "I would rather walk than fly on Spirit."

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