This Pit Bull's Dance Moves Put Some Humans to Shame

Henry Baker
Henry Baker
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We've all seen a dog or two in our lives sit, shake, or roll over. They're adorable and often-difficult tricks to teach to a pup. Then we see a video like "Dancing Pit Bull," and it kind of raises the bar for amazing canine abilities.

In the video, posted to YouTube two days ago, the dog and its human, a belly dancer, perform a routine that defies belief in its intricacy, at least as far as dog dancing is concerned. Not much is known about the provenance of the pair's moves, but the video was uploaded to YouTube by Alex Zhardanovsky, no stranger to viral videos himself, and it has since exploded into quite a hit.

It now has more than 150,000 views and a huge crowd of fans. People are commenting passionately, writings things like "That's one talented dog!" and "This pit bull should have opened the World Cup."

Dog dancing, or "Canine Freestyle," is actually an organized activity in some parts of the world, so if you think your dog could have moves like this, you might look into it.

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