This Man is Probably the Biggest Fan of Hamburgers in the World

Henry Baker
October 22, 2013
This Man is Probably the Biggest Fan of Hamburgers in the World

Ahh, the hamburger. A mainstay of Americana, whether it is a simple bun and patty or dressed up with foie gras and gold leaf, the hamburgerhas a lot of fans. But we all probably have nothing on Harry Sperl, a.k.a. Hamburger Harry. For the past 23 years, Sperl has been collecting burger memorabilia the world over, mostly from flea markets and garage sales. In addition to knickknacks such as hamburger lamps, display cases, rugs, and posters, he has crafted his own hamburger waterbed and a hamburger motor trike, with pickle handlebars and ketchup shock absorbers. He has admittedly devoted his life to hamburgers. His house in Daytona Beach, Florida, is known as the world's only hamburger museum. Though Sperl is from Germany, he has always loved the American way of life and fell in love with burgers because they are such a quintessentially American food. Unfortunately, because of cholesterol problems, Sperl has had to cut down on his favorite food, but he still fits a burger in here and there.

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