This Guy Learned the 'Napoleon Dynamite' Dance and Did It for 100 Consecutive Days

Ralphie Aversa

If the cult classic movie "Napoleon Dynamite" taught us anything, it is that whether you are trying to score a date or run for student council, you need skills. Those skills can be everything from using nunchakus to busting out some dance moves.

For Matt Bray, it was the latter, and it is the subject of a new viral video. Bray is a student at College of DuPage and resides in Naperville, Ill. His YouTube channel, "ProjectOneLife," features videos of him crossing off bucket list items. For item 102, he sang in front of a crowd. Bray entered a pingpong tournament for No. 68. But the student's video for item 117 is by far his most popular yet.

Bray decided to add "100 Days of Dance" to the bucket list and completed it. The premise was relatively simple: He performed the same routine in the same room the exact same way for 100 days, although he notes that he actually ended up performing it for about 120 consecutive days.

Naturally, Bray had to show off those aforementioned skills, so he used Napoleon Dynamite's dance to Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat" from the movie as inspiration. The video, filmed with a GoPro camera, has more than a million views.

"It's just so motivating for me to be reading these amazing goals I have and seriously thinking to myself and believing that I can accomplish a lot of those," Bray told the Naperville Sun earlier this year. "I think the greatest idea I have ever come up with is making my bucket list. I feel if you ever meet someone who doesn't know what they want to do with their life or what kind of career they want, they should write a bucket list and go after it."

In addition to the idea of a bucket list, viewers are also commenting on the production of the video, along with Bray's seemingly vast wardrobe.

"I learned an extreme amount about filming and editing videos, also a lot about cameras and camera equipment," Bray told the newspaper about what he has taken from completing these items. "Also a lot of weird talents such as juggling and performing card tricks."

Some of Bray's other bucket list items that have been crossed off: solving a Rubik's Cube, giving blood, and donating to charity. Not a bad skill set to have.