This Girl Participates in Her First Judo Match, and It's Adorable

Ralphie Aversa

A father in Spain is giving his daughter a head start on learning the art of judo, and it is pretty adorable.

Pedro Jose Moreno Velasco is an instructor at Club Jushirokan, which has a number of locations throughout Madrid. In a video on his Facebook page, Moreno Velasco shows his daughter in her first-ever judo match. The 3-year-old goes up against another girl, and their face-offs seem to embody the literal translation of judo, "gentle way," more than the sport.

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The video clocks in at slightly less than two minutes and features both girls interlocking arms before tumbling over one another. Each time, Moreno Velasco helps the two of them up. Once they are back upright, they make sure to bow to each other again, and then just a few seconds later find themselves back on the mat.

It almost looks as if they are hugging and then one loses her balance and down they go. They repeat this over and over until the father scoops them into his arms and carries them off the mat.

On Moreno Velasco's Facebook page, the video of his daughter's first judo bout has been shared more than 210,000 times. He posted the clip on March 31 along with his daughter's second match — this time against a boy. In that video, which has been shared over 3,000 times, she knocks him down multiple times!

Post by PJ Judo.

No wonder dad is starting her so early with judo.