This Door and Doorbell Will Make You Want to Upgrade Your Whole Door Situation

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This Door and Doorbell Will Make You Want to Upgrade Your Whole Door Situation

If you’re looking to make a few home improvements, these two innovations might spur a bit of inspiration for your plan.

Joseph Tsai of Palo Alto, Calif. decided to throw a unique spin on a typical feature found at your front door. Combining the functions of a regular doorbell with the sounds of his favorite video game, Tsai created the “Mario Doorbell.

“Basically, every time a guest presses the coin button, the counter displayed will increment and the coin sound from Mario will be played,” he explains on his website. “As a special bonus, every 10 coins will cause the life-up sound to be played, and every 100 coins will cause the mushroom upgrade sound to be played.”

Tsai uploaded a video of the doorbell in action. He promises that, “your guests won't even be at your door to visit you, they'll be too busy racking up coins to even notice you.” That alone might be enough to deter you from installing it. Still, the doorbell rings up instant nostalgia for any person who grew up playing the iconic video game franchise.

Moving from the doorbell to the door itself, Klemens Torggler imagined something new and more chic. The Austrian designer created the Evolution Door. Torggler notes on a YouTube video of the door that the entrance is made of soft edges and is safe.

YouTube users are commenting on the video with concerns ranging from getting your fingers stuck in the door to soundproofing issues to zombie protection. Yunno, the usual things you think about when looking to replace your door.

The video of the “Mario Doorbell” has over 630,000 views; the Evolution Door piece has about 178,000.