These Wingsuit Pilots Complete an Almost Impossible Stunt at 12,000 Feet

Ralphie Aversa
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These Wingsuit Pilots Complete an Almost Impossible Stunt at 12,000 Feet

A video released by a wingsuit pilot-cameraman displays not only the incredible risk involved with the stunt, but the process behind planning it.

Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes and Ludovic Woerth are the world's most renowned wingsuit pilots. The trio teamed up for a Web series on EpicTV called "The Perfect Flight." The premise is simple: Three men travel the world looking for the best landmarks and locations to fly by, over, or underneath.

Episode 2 of the series saw Sommer, Fadnes and Woerth travel to Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix at Mont Blanc, France. There the three stuntmen would attempt to fly under a bridge that connects two peaks. An opening of 66 feet by 33 feet is what they were working with.

"It's a very challenging jump that needs a lot of preparation," Fadnes said in the episode. "We don't get a second chance. … So it's the kind of place where first, we need to scope it at the top, and then sit down and conclude 'doable' or 'not doable.'"

The elevation is a spectacular 12,000 feet, and Fadnes estimates that there is only a 10 percent chance the wind will be calm.

Still, after analyzing all of the variables, the men move on with the stunt. Remarkably, all three of the wingsuit pilots successfully complete the flight, traveling at an astounding 125 mph. They meet at the bottom of the peak and embrace in celebration.

In all, there are eight episodes of "The Perfect Flight," the last of which was released in December.

The short documentaries chronicle the trials and tribulations associated with the sport, and the three men survived all of the stunts attempted for the series. However, this past March, Woerth and another man, 33-year-old Dan Vicary, died in a BASE-jumping accident over a valley in Switzerland. Woerth was 34 years old.