These March Madness Trick Frisbee Shots are Too Good to Believe

Ralphie Aversa
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March Madness has arrived. Take a break from attempting to compile that perfect bracket to watch Brodie Smith make some trick shots on the basketball court with a Frisbee.

In the trickster's latest YouTube video, he heads to Butler University's Hinkle Fieldhouse. What school embodies the craziness of the NCAA tournament more than Butler? In 2010, the Bulldogs became the smallest school to play in the national championship tournament since it was expanded to a field of 64. Butler lost that year to Duke. Then-head coach Brad Stevens led his team back to the finals against Connecticut in the following season, where they again fell short.

The 10,000-seat venue was home to a Bulldog team that debuted in the Big East conference this year with a 14-17 record. It also served as a cool site for Smith to execute a bunch of ridiculous Frisbee throws.

Smith starts the video with a no-look toss from about 20 feet out that rattles home. He then bounces a basketball from half court, in front of two people seated at the foul line, and into the hoop. Smith follows that up with the same shot, except this time he uses a Frisbee. It banks off the glass and goes in. Next up, he moves to the other end of the gym. Smith passes the Frisbee to himself off the back of one basket, hurls the disc down the length of the court, and makes the shot.

You are far from the first person to wonder if this is a fake stunt. If it is, no one has been able to provide any evidence. Smith's trick shots are so good that they seem unfathomable. He has been uploading videos of his antics for the past few years, accumulating over a half million YouTube subscribers.

The "March Madness Trick Shots" video is sponsored by electronics store h.h. gregg. In between Butler's mascot mauling the Frisbee and Smith nailing a shot from the Fieldhouse's nosebleed section, the YouTube star performs a few tricks inside the appliance outlet.

Now, back to that bracket.… How many 5-12 upsets do you think we will have this year?